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Not So Nice! Theatre Company creates performances that inspire, educate and initiate discussion surrounding topics that society may shy away from or could be considered as “taboo”.

Edinburgh Fringe 2023

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An exciting Edinburgh Fringe Festival production by Reverb Theatre in association with Not So Nice! written by Not So Nice! associate playwright Kira Mason and directed by Not So Nice!'s artistic director Matthew Attwood.


An actor-musician piece inspired by Frank Turner’s song and the story of the Winchester Geese / Crossbones Graveyard in Southwark, London. Prepare yourself for a journey between worlds as we experience a Christmas like no other. A merging of medieval, modern, and everything in between. Observe an intimate evening within the graveyard/pub filled with stories, riddles, and live music. The Lover searches for his lost love. The Geese search for a choice. The Tender connects their worlds together. Grab a drink and join us for a "love story" that transcends both life and death.

Edinburgh Fringe 2022

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Theatre Scotland


"Tales of Vomit, Trash and Broken Glass is a thought provoking, reflective social commentary which leaves the audience questioning their relationship with toxicity in the world."

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Never Have I EveR


Childhood friends George, Jess, and Alex are away on a camping trip, excited to escape the ‘real world’ for the night. Marshmallows on the campfire, gossip and secrets shared and a game of ‘Never have I ever…’  What could possibly go wrong? 

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How to support us

Our Goal at Not So Nice! Theatre Company is to be able to produce and create exceptional theatre that gives voice to people, topics, and themes that are underrepresented in today's culture in new and exciting forms of theatre.


To help us achieve this, we, like many artists, require the financial support of theatre lovers to allow us to bring these productions to many venues and festivals.

If you would like to donate please click the link below.

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