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Creative Learning

Here at Not So Nice! Theatre Company, we are committed to using theatre to enhance young people’s knowledge, understanding and engagement surrounding challenging current issues. Through education and debate, we aim to inspire future generations to create the change that we need to see today.

Our Vision

We desire to tour both nationally and internationally, shedding light on taboo topics that are not covered in the classroom. We want to be a source of information for current issues that young people might be facing both in and away from school.


Through the profits we make, we want to give back to the community and the charities involved with the areas that our shows shed light on. We want to offer our services to youth groups and schools that would not usually be able to see our type of work.


At the end of each show, we want to offer short lessons and discussions as well as a workshop for the students. This gives the students more opportunities to create work of their own, develops their understanding of professional theatre practice and allows them to engage more directly with the difficult topics that we discuss in our shows.

Work With Us!

Interested in working with our Creative Learning team for a production or workshop? Let us know!


Ewan little

Creative Learning Practitioner

Ewan has grown up immersed in drama, participating in many community theatre productions in their hometown. His passion for the stage has led him to volunteer for various amateur acting groups, model for the Edinburgh College of Art, and gain experience performing at the Edinburgh Fringe and the National Theatre's Connections Festival in London. As such, they're delighted to act as one of Not So Nice's Creative Learning Ambassadors, employing their knowledge of the performing arts to build workshops and promote plays which call attention to serious topics and incite meaningful conversations.


Currently, Ewan is completing his Bachelor's Degree in Acting and English at Edinburgh Napier University.


Cosette Bolt

Creative Learning Practitioner

Cosette Bolt (She/They) is an American born, Edinburgh Based Actor and Theatre practitioner with an MFA in Acting for Stage and Screen from Edinburgh Napier University. With a passion for creating inclusive theatre and diverse performance spaces, they work as a creative learning practitioner with the team to make the stage a little bit nicer. See what other projects she is currently working on at

little purple dots!

Never Have I ever

Written by Blue Mcelroy


Childhood friends George, Jess, and Alex are away on a camping trip, excited to escape the ‘real world’ for the night. Marshmallows on the campfire, gossip and secrets shared and a game of ‘Never have I ever…’  What could possibly go wrong? Can these three best-friends escape reality and responsibility for the night, or will it follow them no matter how far into the woods they go?  


Watch the trailer

LGBT Health workshops

Empower Voices

Our mission is to create performances that inspire, educate and initiate discussion surrounding topics that society may shy away from or could be considered as “taboo”. This is encapsulated by our motto: “Life isn't so nice, so why should our productions be?”.  Not So Nice is proud to be a platform for new and upcoming talent, featuring new writing in our work. We work in collaboration with organizations like our friends at LGBT Health ( put on workshops dedicated to boldly exploring creativity, performance, and exploration for those in the LGBTQIA+ Community. 

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