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smile [like you're happy]

About the Production

A thought provoking Fringe debut, written by Blue McElroy and directed by Grace Baker. Smile. [Like You’re Happy] explores the growing dissonance between our public and private lives through the topics of mental health and intimate partner violence in the age of social media and social isolation. #Follow Kate (Robyn Reilly), a recent university graduate, as she tries to navigate the world of a new relationship, self expression and social media. Not only is she battling these external forces, she also has to appease the voice of her nagging Mother- who displays herself as Kate’s internal alter-ego (Jess Ferrier). Kate is advised to share her mental health journey online by her new boyfriend Patrick (John Whyte), with the support of his younger brother Grem (Lex Joyce). This emerging cast of talented actors makes this show one to watch.

Creative Team 

Director - Grace Baker 

Assistant director - Matthew Attwood

Playwright - Blue McElroy

Production Team 

Stage Manager - Lewis Gemmel

Front of House Manager - Blue McElroy

Creative Administrator - Matthew Attwood 

Set/Costume/Lighting Design - Grace Baker 

Sound Design - Zoë Wester

Director's Note 

We have all forced a smile for the camera, but how much of a double life can you get away with today on social media?

Faking a moment or a lifestyle is easy in today’s world, people only post what they want other people to see. Social media can be described as a highlight reel - an exciting life with all of the boring bits left out. It is easily used to create unrealistic life goals which leave many of its audience leaving the apps disheartened. This can quickly manifest itself into a viscous cycle.

It is so important to know that your worth is not determined by how many followers you have or how many likes you receive on a photograph. This new world online is distorted, everything is filtered. An online community initially created as means of meeting people and making new friends finds itself becoming increasingly isolating.

As a director of such a controversial conversation it was imperative to me that this issue was handled with care. I really wanted to hone in on my own experience with social media and explore its pros and cons.

Anyone can smile for the camera, but what truly lies beneath?

Meet The CAst 


Jess Ferrier
Kate (M)

Lex Joyce

John Whyte

Robyn Reilly

Ian J Cole Reviews

"I thought it was absolutely brilliant, brilliantly doneIt had momentum and effectively deals with the issues of today's social media and how it can effect somebody."

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