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'A Single Smile' written by Grace Baker

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Grace Baker has created a series of poems which are being performed by multiple up and coming actors and theatre makers in the Cambridgeshire area. The third poem performed in our series is 'A Single Smile' written by Grace Baker and Performed by Ellie Tate.

Ellie is a current is 3rd year Drama and Film student and soon to be graduate of Anglia Ruskin University. We gave Ellie the task to take the poem in any direction she wished and gave her full creative control and we are extremely happy with the finished product.

Which you can check out below...

If you like Ellie Tate's performance of 'A Single Smile' why not check out are Youtube page and give our video a like and a subscribe. Plus share via Facebook or Instagram, so your friends can check out what 'Not So Nice!' Theatre Company are working on next.

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