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Welcome to

Not So Nice! Theatre Company

here at Not So Nice! our goal is to create new, innovative and engaging theatre. We aim to transcend boundaries and give a voice to all manner of subjects.

Our performances include original script work, creative adaptation and live 

art performance and immersive theatre.

Find out more about us and our past and future productions.  


Our First Show

at the



Ian J Cole Reviews


'I thought it was absolutely brilliant, brilliantly done!'.

'It had momentum and effectively deals with the issues of today's social media and how it can effect somebody'.

A Not So Nice! Original Production

'Til Death Do Us Part'

Written by
Matthew Attwood & Grace Baker

We are delighted to cordially invite you to the wedding reception of Darcy Watson and Benjamin Hastings.


An immersive murder mystery experience filled with deceit and tension!


Meet Our TEAM

Come meet the team and learn about their experiences as theatre practitioners.


Join our TEAM

Interested in being apart of our growing Team at Not So Nice! Theatre Company, please express your interest here...

"Why DO You Love Me?"

An original play written by Tom Heald presented in a radio play format.

find out if there is a right time for love... 



Not So Nice! Theatre Company

Our Goal at Not So Nice! Theatre Company is to be able to produce and create exceptional theatre that gives voice to people, topics, and themes that are underrepresented in today's culture in new and exciting forms of theatre.


To help us achieve this, we like many artists require the financial support of theatre lovers to allow us to bring these productions to many venues and festivals.

If you would like to donate please click the link below.

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