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NOT SO NICE! are proud to present a brand new play for Pride 2024 entitled He's Not Gay, He's just my Brother by Ryan Lithgow. There will be three performances taking place at Augustine United Church, Edinburgh on 21/06/24 and 22/06/24.

We are casting for two male presenting actors.



Peter is Ross's brother. He is sensitive, stressed and incredibly anxious about his wedding day tomorrow because everything seems to be going wrong. He is very used to being the butt of the joke and doesn't always understand how to respond. Peter identifies as a gay man, and wishes he could talk to Ross about that part of his life.



Ross is Peter's brother. A fun-loving, cheeky chappy who loves to playfully mock his younger brother. Ross identifies as a heterosexual man and doesn't really talk to Peter about the "real" stuff going on in their lives. 

To apply you must:

- Live in Edinburgh or be willing to travel to Edinburgh for rehearsals (this event is unfunded so travel costs will not be reimbursed)

- Have good availability during evenings and weekends in May/June 2024 for rehearsals. (We can work around any existing commitments)

- Be available all day on the 21/06/24 and 22/06/24 for the tech, dress and show at the venue.

If you fit the above criteria then we encourage you to apply!

Production timeline:
02/05/24 - Deadline for actor submissions.
06/05/24 - Successful actors confirmed.

May/June - Rehearsals for the show. 
21/06/24 - One performance at Augustine United Church, Edinburgh.

22/06/24 - Two performances at Augustine United Church, Edinburgh.

Due to this being an unfunded event, Not So Nice! are providing an equal profit share of ticket sales. This will include playwright, actors, directors.

You know, I know you don’t like me and as a matter of fact, I’m not too fond of you either. But at least I had respect for you, and can you honestly say that you’ve done the same thing for me. I have bitten my tongue around you for so long because you put yourself up on such a pedistool, you can’t even see your own reality anymore. So let me give that to you.

Ciaran is the only grandchild that actually speaks to you because you have burned every bridge within the family that they cant stand you but he feels sorry for you. He doesn’t love you. He pities you, and you have the audacity to cause a scene at the one grandchild who actually tries to show you love. 

All I can say Margaret we are on this planet for a period of time do you really want that to be your lasting legacy?

So why don’t you go to bed, clean your hair, clean your attitude or don’t bother coming.

Also, see that dress you're wearing tomorrow? I lied, that colour does not suit you.

Ryan Lithgow

Apply Here
How did you hear about this callout?

Please email us the following:

- A self tape of you performing the required audition text. 

- Your acting CV.

Please note, your application will not be considered without them.


Emails should be sent to:

Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you soon.

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