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NOT SO NICE! are proud to present a brand new Scratch Night performance designed to showcase local theatre makers in Edinburgh. The stimulus of the project is 'In Bloom'. As spring fast approaches, we will all start to see the seasons change with flowers reemerging having somehow survived the harsh cold winter. We started to think about how plants always manage to bloom in the face of adversity. In this ever-evolving world, we are constantly battling difficulties beyond our control; emotional, financial, cultural, societal etc. So how do you succeed when the odds are stacked against you? Here's where you come in! We want you to explore what it means to be 'In Bloom'. Please use your creativity to come up with your own interpretation based on the stimulus. There are no limitations at all. Be bold and brave, but most of all... surprise us!

We will be selecting FOUR submissions to be written and performed in the scratch night.
Each piece must be 10 minutes long.


There will be dramaturgical support sessions with our Associate Playwright Kira Mason throughout the process. The dates will be confirmed soon.

01/03/24 - Form submission 
04/03/24 - Successful playwrights confirmed.
11/03/24 - First draft submission.
18/03/24 - Second draft submission.

25/03/24 - Final draft submission.
03/05/24 - 'In Bloom' Performance at Augustine United Church, Edinburgh.

Due to this being an unfunded event, Not So Nice! are providing an equal profit share of ticket sales. This will include playwrights, actors, directors, tech.

Apply Here
How did you hear about this callout?

Please email a short writing sample to us. 

This can be previous work or a sample of the piece you will write for 'In Bloom'.

Please note, your application will not be admissible without the writing sample. 


Please rename the file with your first and last name and email to:

Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you soon.

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